Welcome to Odeum: Forging a New Path in Music and Podcast Streaming

3 min readJan 22, 2024


Odeum’s Dapp, a Music and Podcast streaming platform changing the way the industry operates.

What is Odeum?

In an era where digital innovation intersects with artistic creativity, Odeum emerges as a beacon of change and a distinctive force in the music and podcast streaming industry. More than just a streaming platform, Odeum represents a revolutionary space where artists, podcasters, authors, and content creators connect directly with their audiences. We’re reshaping the industry landscape by breaking free from traditional barriers, including the reliance on algorithms to dictate success. At Odeum, talent and content quality organically rise to prominence, driven by audience appreciation and engagement. This approach ensures fair compensation, empowering creators with transparency and direct support, and fostering a community where artistry thrives, unshackled by algorithmic biases.

Why We Set Out to Do What We Do

Our mission at Odeum is clear and resolute: to dismantle the barriers that have long stifled creative expression and fair compensation in the entertainment industry. We recognized the hurdles that creators were up against — from intricate and often inequitable royalty systems to the overwhelming influence of intermediaries in their creative journeys. In response, we envisioned and built Odeum, not just as a platform, but as a beacon of empowerment for artists, podcasters, and creators. By integrating $ODEUM, our cryptocurrency token, we have laid the foundation for a system that champions transparent and direct artist support and compensation. Moreover, we’re committed to ensuring that talent and creativity are the only metrics of success, not algorithms. At Odeum, genuine talent and quality content naturally rise through audience engagement and appreciation, free from the manipulative tides of algorithm-driven platforms.

What We Have Achieved So Far

Odeum’s journey from vision to reality is marked by significant milestones:

Alpha Platform Launch: We’ve proudly rolled out the alpha version of Odeum, introducing a new realm of streaming experience.
Smart Contracts Development: Our foundational smart contracts for tipping, staking, and revenue sharing are now in place.
Token Launch on Arbitrum Network: Launching the Odeum token on the Arbitrum network was a leap towards integrating cryptocurrency into our ecosystem.
Deployment to Arbitrum Main Net: Our staking and tipping contracts have been deployed on the Arbitrum main net.
Tipping Feature Activation: Enabling listeners to tip artists directly using Odeum tokens, we’ve begun transforming how creators monetize their art.

Our Commitment to Content-Driven Success

In an industry often swayed by algorithms, Odeum takes a different approach. We believe in the power of content and talent, not algorithms, to determine success. Our platform does not use algorithmic methods to promote or push musicians and podcasters to the front page or top of the list. Instead, we’ve created an environment where content quality and audience appreciation organically drive visibility and success. At Odeum, talent rises through genuine audience engagement and opinion, ensuring a fair and level playing field for all creators.

What is Coming Next

As we forge ahead, our roadmap is filled with exciting prospects:

Advancements in our alpha platform, moving towards an enhanced beta version.
Integration of comprehensive revenue-sharing mechanisms.
Continued expansion and refinement of our smart contract functionalities.
Introduction of features such as playlists, analytics and interactive tools to deepen audience engagement.
A steadfast commitment to nurturing a community where creators can thrive.

Odeum is more than just a streaming service; it’s an evolution in how music, podcasts, and audiobooks are shared and valued. We invite you to join us in this journey — a journey of innovation, growth, and a redefined experience for creators and audiences alike.

Welcome to Odeum, where the future of streaming is transparent, fair, and resonates with the heartbeat of genuine talent.


Telegram: t.me/odeumportal
X / Twitter: twitter.com/OdeumLive
Info-site: odeum.info
Dapp: odeum.live
Gitbook: docs.odeum.info
Instagram: instagram.com/odeum.live/




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